Wednesday, April 21, 2010

You like cats and you know it.

How many times have you heard: "Ew, I hate cats"? Or, "Truly, I can't stand children". 

Really cynic? You abhor small furry animals that just relax on the backs of couches and purr when you pet their backs? 

And you who hates children. Have you ever seen "Kids Say the Darndest Things"? 

I won't lie. I have worsened my feelings for something that I honestly didn't mind in front of a small crowd. But why do we, as humans, feel the need to do this? I believe I "hated feet" for a while, when really, if there was a friends foot resting next to me it didn't bother me any more than it would if there was a daisy on the cushion next to me.

If I had to give my "professional" opinion, I believe that people claim to have slightly stronger feelings for objects they are quite ambivalent about to have the attention on them for at least one minute longer. Human nature alerts us that if we admit a small quirk about ourselves, we may be discussed by our peers. I found this to be quite the case in the 2008 elections. Many of my friends suddenly became democrats. Who knew?

Hm. Gosh, I sure do hate chocolate.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Strange Truth

Where do our images of ourselves come from? Our parents? A mirror? Our friends? Strangers?

If a sales clerk tells you you have pretty eyes, do you take this to heart? If a cab driver tells you that you have an engaging voice, do you listen? Or since these people are strangers, do you ignore it. 

However, when it comes to family and friends...should you even listen to them over a stranger? Since the day I was born my mom has never been able to harshly criticize me, not even for my own good. Hence, my 4th grade Christmas picture that I styled myself. (I already hate Christmas pictures being an only child because I look ridiculous with my yorkshire terrier...alone....on the front steps of my house.) But this Christmas picture is the one I hate the most. Due to the fact my mom didn't have the heart to tell me my rainbow striped turtleneck under my red and green dress looked heinous, my god awful fashion taste is immortalized in homes of family and friends. 

This is my point though. Should we take to heart more what strangers tell us about ourselves, or what those who love us say?

Thanks to my mom, I think I just might have to side the strangers.