Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Pursuit of Happiness

I always wonder when I come upon a stranger that is just plain rude...why? 

The other day I slowed and stopped for a man walking his dog in Highland park to cross the street, and he basically "shew'ed" me along as if I was holding him up. 
Again, as I was sliding through a completely impractical classroom of mine, my backpack knocked two pens off a girl's desk behind me. As I picked them up and returned them to her with a "sorry" and a smile...I was met with a curt "yeh, thanks" with no eye contact. 

I know we all have rough days and although we don't mean to, we might give a bad impression. However, I know many people who consistently are rude to strangers, friends, even waiters. (My exception is my Gradndfather, who is the sweetest man on earth, but because of age, will complain about every. last. thing. to a waiter or waitress. And I quote "May I get you a beverage, sir?" "Well damn, I just sat down how could I know what I want.")

I just wonder, if there would be any shift on the earth if all people were kind-natured. No unemployment? No wars? Not to sound like a communist but, hey, we're all just trying to get by.