Saturday, February 6, 2010

when life gives you people...

"and in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make" -the beatles

Life is what you make it. I couldn't agree more. 
I don't understand the cold people in the world. Those who frown when you smiled at them from the back of your mom's station wagon. Those who can't be polite to a stranger. 
For me, the greatest joy in life is making a sincere connection with another. Whether its smiling at someone you don't know just because you see her every Tuesday on the way to class. Laughing with your Grandfather over a joke he finally told you. Holding hands with your best friend at his mother's funeral. Sharing a kiss and bumping teeth because you're both smiling so much. name it and as long as its 2 or more humans being kind, loving, caring, humorous, sympathetic, understanding with one another...its the sweetest connection a person can find.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Cry, Baby

Let me have it men....let me see those tears. 
When your receive a failing grade on a paper...may you weep. 
When your football team loses...follow up with waterworks.
When your powerpoint presentation will not start in front of your client...start to sob.

When Halo 4 makes its debut...kneel to the ground, let the tears roll from your face and hit the floor. 
When your girlfriend dumps you...blast the song th
at she first grinded on your jeans while at the club and lean on the shoulder of your steering wheel with the flood gates open.

I ask you this, because I am tired of feeling like a patient of the psych ward when my awful day causes me to shed a tear. I am exhausted from feeling like a foolish 5 year old girl having a tantrum when you won't give me even the little attention I deserve. And don't you dare call me crazy for crying when I hear about your adventurous Thursday night. But enough of thinking cold is cool, boys. Because if we gave you a dose of your own ice-cold might be a little more prone to sobbing yourself. 

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Four Questions

Since I was a little girl my grandfather told me about the four decisions that change your life. 
1) Where you go to college
2) What you study
3) Who you marry 
4) Where you live
Each time I would hug him, thank him but I never really heard him...until now. 

Your life is like an fill in the blanks and those choices are how it turns out as a whole. 

Hi, my name is Genni Choate. I go to college in (Dallas, TX) at (Southern Methodist University). I am currently studying (advertising) and planning to go into (the creative side of business). I am married to (?). We live in (?)

It is crucial you make smart decisions because each affects another. Since I went to school at SMU, I am able to major in advertising in TAI. Since I am studying in TAI, I will hopefully go into a good position in the advertising business...who will I meet there...?

Monday, February 1, 2010

The 80's prom dress of the 21st century.

Good lord. May I just say that even though I was not alive in the 80's...I don't think I could have ever....EVER, been caught dead with a super perm or in taffeta. But somehow, everyone followed the trend. Everyone was satisfied and even quite thrilled with their poodle-like hair, their barbie blue eyeshadow...the shoulder pads, and last but certainly not least, the awful music (excluding MJ). 
So if the tradition continues...there is going to be a top-ten worst ideas/trends/songs/and styles from our generation and I better go ahead and give a heads up so my children don't think I was completely insane or a cave-woman.

Wall of Shame: 
10) "Tik-Tok" by Ke$ha (the soundtrack to most Molly Ringwald movies)
9) Paris Hilton (Tori Spelling)
8) bermuda shorts (shoulder pads)
7) the obama "fist-bump" 
6) obama 
5) "omg" ("groovy")
4) sequins
3) Furbys (just plain frightening)
2) the plan-b pill (birth defects here we come)
1) The soulja boy "crank that" dance (the running man)