Saturday, January 30, 2010

what a wonderful world

Studying 18th century art history has brought a whole new annoyance into my life. Since when was being pale and plump no longer as attractive as a dark tan and thin legs. In history it was "taboo" to sport a bronze glow because it was a mark of a field worker who was always in the sun. Also, it was completely normal to be a little soft in the stomach. Oh my pale, pasta loving self would have been looking so fine in the 1700's.
 Why would society choose this? Come on, how much more simple can it get. No tanning beds, spray tans, treadmills, stairmasters, lotions that make you look diseased, sweating in the sun, fasting before spring break. What a wonderful world. 

Monday, January 25, 2010

What are you made of?

30% adventure. 20% singer/songwriter. 15% curiosity. 10% flirtation. 8% heart. 7% humor. 5% insecure. 5% confident.

How do we define ourselves? 
I always wonder if the person I think I am is also how others think of me. I think this is one of the biggest life questions the world wants answered. Am I a good singer? Do you really think I'm funny or do you just laugh because it's awkward not to? Do you see me as a leader? Do you really think my butt  looks good in these jeans...or did I catch you looking when you were really thinking "good lord honey lay off the pizza"?  
As an only child I think I have somewhat of a fascination with this subject due to the fact the only people I have been compared to are my parents. I have to say, even though people usually cringe if people tell them "You look just like your mom!"...I get a feeling of satisfaction...I think "there, there is one part of my identity". 
Can we reach a point where we know exactly who we are? Does this come from maturity? Does it come with self-confidence? Does it come with criticism and experience? Or do we take our last breath still not knowing just who we are?