Monday, January 25, 2010

What are you made of?

30% adventure. 20% singer/songwriter. 15% curiosity. 10% flirtation. 8% heart. 7% humor. 5% insecure. 5% confident.

How do we define ourselves? 
I always wonder if the person I think I am is also how others think of me. I think this is one of the biggest life questions the world wants answered. Am I a good singer? Do you really think I'm funny or do you just laugh because it's awkward not to? Do you see me as a leader? Do you really think my butt  looks good in these jeans...or did I catch you looking when you were really thinking "good lord honey lay off the pizza"?  
As an only child I think I have somewhat of a fascination with this subject due to the fact the only people I have been compared to are my parents. I have to say, even though people usually cringe if people tell them "You look just like your mom!"...I get a feeling of satisfaction...I think "there, there is one part of my identity". 
Can we reach a point where we know exactly who we are? Does this come from maturity? Does it come with self-confidence? Does it come with criticism and experience? Or do we take our last breath still not knowing just who we are? 

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