Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Think back to a time where you saw an ad and almost jumped out of your chair to go buy the product. Now remember a few ads like that.
Is there a common theme?
To answer my own question...oh yeh. 


Whether its to calm you down, turn you on, pump you up, wake you up, up the volume or put you to sleep...music most certainly brings about emotion.

How powerful is that to be able to include in your advertisement?

I was 16. I was sitting in my chair in my living room. I believe it was a Saturday. I was watching TV but the show had switched to commercials. To pass time I was most likely texting. And then instantly I almost got whiplash my head swung back in the TVs direction. The cause? The music to this ad:

The music grabbed my body, picked me up, threw me into a party...with the phone in hand. My hair...looked
great. My clothes...new and improved. The boys....staring. The sheer attitude of the music sold me. So whats the
only thing I asked for at Christmas...the Voyager.

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