Sunday, February 28, 2010

the price is wrong

As a whole...humans are smart, right? We may make mistakes plenty of times...but overall, we have lots of common sense.
Why...the we keep paying for movie tickets, movie concessions, wine at restaurants, hotel movies, mini bars, room service...I mean, you name's overpriced. 
Strikes go on all the time...but we just want to sit on our ass, get drunk and get our food delivered as close to our mouths as we can get. Now I am in no way saying I don't do any of these things because actually movies, getting tipsy at dinner with friends and hotel room service are right up there with my raindrops and roses. But as a human race...LET US STRIKE. 
Will this ever happen because there are so many of my indulgent clones out there? Probably not, but how can the entire society ignore the rip offs of American culture?  God help the USA.

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