Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Good Ole Days

Tonight, I have decided...I want to worship many Gods...not just one. 

How incredible would it be to make a sacrifice (of a vegetable-the ancient Romans sacrificed both vegetables and animals...don't worry) to the Goddess of Grades for the A you got on your paper. Hey, maybe she would make it happen next time too if it was a particularly juicy tomato. 

How fulfilling would it be to pray to Venus about the boy that sits next to you in political science 3304. To worship at her temple for him to "please ask me on a date...not for a pencil again"

The God of War, known as Mars in classical times, to bring your beloved soldier home from the war. 

I may sound ignorant and sacrilegious(which I'm not I promise)...but maybe mankind would feel a little more satisfied with polytheism....and maybe God will listen a little more if he had some help...

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