Tuesday, March 2, 2010

If I ruled the world...

My Ten Commandments:
10) You shall not murder the good spirits of my afternoon with a middle finger at a 4-way stop
9) You shall give a honest compliment to thy neighbor once a day
8) You shall not try to become famous off of American Idol
7) You shall not steal from you waiter and not give him a honorable tip
6) You shall not covet they best friends significant other
5) You shall not go to the gym without deodorant and run next to me on the treadmill
4) You shall not discuss things loudly in the library even if the other party happens to be at the other end of your cellular telephone
3) You shall honor your mother and father 
2) You shall always have a shoulder for your friend to lean on
1) You shall covet yourself.

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