Tuesday, March 2, 2010

karmas a..live

Lets just say...I attract the crazies. The middle aged women who sit on planes whispering to themselves and asking you every five seconds if you smelled burning rubber (true story), the 20 year old guy who is only in a wheelchair to be able to tell girls "they have a nice ass" in a target and get away with it (recent true story) and those who go on and on you to you at all the wrong times about how they believe in positive energy and palm reading. Well Miss Cleo...maybe you're right.
I sit here thinking about Karma. True or false?
I hate to take the spirituality out of the idea because that's one of the things I think makes karma such a beautiful idea...but logically, karma works too.
When a stranger does a random act of kindness for you...doesn't your mood spike? When a stranger compliments your shoes...aren't you looking for the next person to give an honest compliment to? Rather when someone gives you a nasty look, an unnecessary criticism or takes their anger out on you...doesn't it make you a little more sour. 
So in conclusion, as the world spins and the humans interact...their attitudes and behaviors do indeed bring something back to them they gave a long time ago. 

p.s. this idea is what inspired the theme of this blog (Sendak's "The Giving Tree" and Michelangelo's "Creation of Adam")

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