Friday, February 5, 2010

Cry, Baby

Let me have it men....let me see those tears. 
When your receive a failing grade on a paper...may you weep. 
When your football team loses...follow up with waterworks.
When your powerpoint presentation will not start in front of your client...start to sob.

When Halo 4 makes its debut...kneel to the ground, let the tears roll from your face and hit the floor. 
When your girlfriend dumps you...blast the song th
at she first grinded on your jeans while at the club and lean on the shoulder of your steering wheel with the flood gates open.

I ask you this, because I am tired of feeling like a patient of the psych ward when my awful day causes me to shed a tear. I am exhausted from feeling like a foolish 5 year old girl having a tantrum when you won't give me even the little attention I deserve. And don't you dare call me crazy for crying when I hear about your adventurous Thursday night. But enough of thinking cold is cool, boys. Because if we gave you a dose of your own ice-cold might be a little more prone to sobbing yourself. 

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