Monday, February 1, 2010

The 80's prom dress of the 21st century.

Good lord. May I just say that even though I was not alive in the 80's...I don't think I could have ever....EVER, been caught dead with a super perm or in taffeta. But somehow, everyone followed the trend. Everyone was satisfied and even quite thrilled with their poodle-like hair, their barbie blue eyeshadow...the shoulder pads, and last but certainly not least, the awful music (excluding MJ). 
So if the tradition continues...there is going to be a top-ten worst ideas/trends/songs/and styles from our generation and I better go ahead and give a heads up so my children don't think I was completely insane or a cave-woman.

Wall of Shame: 
10) "Tik-Tok" by Ke$ha (the soundtrack to most Molly Ringwald movies)
9) Paris Hilton (Tori Spelling)
8) bermuda shorts (shoulder pads)
7) the obama "fist-bump" 
6) obama 
5) "omg" ("groovy")
4) sequins
3) Furbys (just plain frightening)
2) the plan-b pill (birth defects here we come)
1) The soulja boy "crank that" dance (the running man)

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