Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Is love in or out?

About this time last year, my mother told me, and I quote "you bring in the stray dogs". Unfortunately she was not referring to my love for helpless animals, she was referring to my choice of boyfriends up to that point. I had been through the shy guy, the new guy, the boy two years my junior, the theatre buff, and most recently the athlete with the secret crying problem. In each relationship, most very short and very "high school", neither my friends, his friends, my family or his family was "all for it". Luckily only one got the disapproval from all categories. But what about me, you ask? Was I happy with him? 
Oh yeah. Each new relationship, starting with the "shy guy" in the eighth grade over AIM, was the most exciting thing I had done to the point. That is until everyone started asking me "why him?" or telling me they just "didn't see it". So I am sad to say that each one of these personal romantic comedies all came to a halt. But in each one I can't help asking myself, how would I have felt without everyone else's input? 
I know for a fact, without the strong opinions of my friends, my last failed relationship would probably still be going strong. However, when a friend tells you he looks like an "overgrown manchild", the chemistry is hard to find later in the day. 
My honest opinion is that if the two people in the relationship were the only ones allowed to comment or makes judgements about it, the world would be a much happier place. Think of the greatest love story you can....

Whether its Romeo and Juliet, The Notebook, Save the Last Dance or Drive Me Crazy (please no), all the couples ignored family, friends or society and went for it anyway.

If I think back, of course my cougar phase with the younger guy would have ended if it was solely up to me, the intensity of the thespian would have gotten old and the AIM conversation would have run dry, but what about the last one? Sure he cried two or three times, but did I really care, or did they?

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