Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Four Questions

Since I was a little girl my grandfather told me about the four decisions that change your life. 
1) Where you go to college
2) What you study
3) Who you marry 
4) Where you live
Each time I would hug him, thank him but I never really heard him...until now. 

Your life is like an fill in the blanks and those choices are how it turns out as a whole. 

Hi, my name is Genni Choate. I go to college in (Dallas, TX) at (Southern Methodist University). I am currently studying (advertising) and planning to go into (the creative side of business). I am married to (?). We live in (?)

It is crucial you make smart decisions because each affects another. Since I went to school at SMU, I am able to major in advertising in TAI. Since I am studying in TAI, I will hopefully go into a good position in the advertising business...who will I meet there...?

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