Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Age of Road Rage

Here's my story:
I'm driving down airline on this past Monday afternoon. Murphy's Law was most certainly in effect on my life that day. The ATM shredded my debit card, I felt severely unintelligent after my morning Italian exam, I had a ticket for parking more than 6 inches off of the curb (really Highland Park, really?) I could go on for days listing things that did not go my way. 
As I was stopped in an afternoon traffic line for about a minute drowning in my sorrows and staring at the red light ahead with my chin on the steering wheel, here's what followed....
I happen to glance over to my right and the red face of a middle aged soccer mom is glaring at me waving her hands as if she was stuck on a damn island and calling to a incoming ship. She got out of the passenger seat of a red Volvo station wagon and her pre-teen looking daughter is in the driver's seat laughing. She proceeded to approach my window (that I kept shut) while vehemently waving her hands as I'm sure calling me something along the lines of a teenage idiot. Apparently I had been blocking Athens street while I was stuck in the traffic line (for a MINUTE, at the most) and she was going to let me know in the most enthusiastically rude way possible. Right then and there...I cried. Yes, sobbed. It was the flaming cherry on the top of my sundae from HELL.
Here's my question, my idea...
Why do people feel the right to outwardly express their anger in regard to cars and driving? It seems that telemarketers and innocent drivers get the most unfair expression of anger out there. The difference is that the face of the person angry at the telemarketer is hidden behind a phone and the "road-ragist" is only shielded by glass. She couldn't have honestly thought that I was blocking her in purposefully so what was the point of the tantrum? If positive energy is really as beneficial as I believe it to be I would love to see the a day in the life of a world where horns, middle fingers and mouthed curse words weren't allowed to exist. So ladies and gentlemen, please keep all of your pointless anger inside the vehicle. 

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