Thursday, January 21, 2010

Freak vs. Famous

Today, I would like to bring up one of the most hidden and biggest ironies in American culture...the pathetic reputation of a high school "theatre freak" and the fabulous life of a celebrity. 
Before I start let me tell you...I was in every single play that came around each semester in high school, that is besides A Christmas Carol. (My family of three watches it every Christmas Eve without fail...enough caroling for me). When I mentioned this to my soon-to-be SMU Freshman room mate in the summer of 2008 I thought nothing of it. However, she certainly did. When it came to the end of our insane Freshman year together I thought it would be so fun to play the "So what was your first impression of me" game. Nope. Not so much. She proceeded to explain to me that she was terrified I'd have Broadway blaring instead of Britney and posters of Kristin Chenoweth in the place of pictures of wild high school moments. 
While the faces of the Hollywood celebrities are being brought into plastic surgeons, their clothes are worshipped and they have weekly magazines dedicated to their trips to the grocery stores and lunch dates, the novice high school actors are being shoved into lockers and having drinks thrown in their face. I will admit I have never seen this happen, but according to the very movies themselves, its what the pimply, sex driven versions of their stars faced in their early years. 
Being realistic I know the talent and appearance requirements are quite different for high school tryouts and Hollywood casting, but since the stars are so charitable wouldn't you think they'd help the struggling stereotype of the high school drama geek? If only the cheerleaders realized their chance of fame...

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