Wednesday, April 28, 2010

play me

Play the song above. (please!)

I sit here at 6:00 P.M., listening to iTunes and suddenly B.o.B's "Created a Monster" comes on.

The mildly attractive attractive 20-something boy in a white t-shirt and jeans walking toward me turns into a Calvin Kline model
with some kind of strut.

The sunlight tree morphs into a lime green example of life's optimism.

The girl putting her sunglasses on her head turns into a fashion model, fan (wind) included.

My boyfriend looks stronger. (score)

Oh the powers of music. I wonder what it is about the mix of a good beat, a strong guitar chord and a dynamic voice that causes us to
feel so empowered. What would life be without the invention of music?

Count me out.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pull Yourself.

There are many ironies in this world. Some countries being flooded by tsunamis, while some haven't seen water in months. Neighbors who will bring out a shotgun if your dog uses the restroom in their yard, but thinks all of your lawns are his yappy dog's own personal toilet. Perhaps the most obvious irony to me involves the law enforcement system.

Police. You are not fooling me. Although you are in the left lane, you do not have your lights on, and I know you are speeding...for fun. 

I have seen this probably thirty times in my life. A police car casually going 80 to 90 mph in the left lane. What? Is breakfast almost done at Chic-Fil-A? Are you about to miss your movie? 

Come on police. There may be some of us that you have arrested for public drunkeness, streaking, stealing in front of a camera...but the rest of us, were not stupid.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

You like cats and you know it.

How many times have you heard: "Ew, I hate cats"? Or, "Truly, I can't stand children". 

Really cynic? You abhor small furry animals that just relax on the backs of couches and purr when you pet their backs? 

And you who hates children. Have you ever seen "Kids Say the Darndest Things"? 

I won't lie. I have worsened my feelings for something that I honestly didn't mind in front of a small crowd. But why do we, as humans, feel the need to do this? I believe I "hated feet" for a while, when really, if there was a friends foot resting next to me it didn't bother me any more than it would if there was a daisy on the cushion next to me.

If I had to give my "professional" opinion, I believe that people claim to have slightly stronger feelings for objects they are quite ambivalent about to have the attention on them for at least one minute longer. Human nature alerts us that if we admit a small quirk about ourselves, we may be discussed by our peers. I found this to be quite the case in the 2008 elections. Many of my friends suddenly became democrats. Who knew?

Hm. Gosh, I sure do hate chocolate.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Strange Truth

Where do our images of ourselves come from? Our parents? A mirror? Our friends? Strangers?

If a sales clerk tells you you have pretty eyes, do you take this to heart? If a cab driver tells you that you have an engaging voice, do you listen? Or since these people are strangers, do you ignore it. 

However, when it comes to family and friends...should you even listen to them over a stranger? Since the day I was born my mom has never been able to harshly criticize me, not even for my own good. Hence, my 4th grade Christmas picture that I styled myself. (I already hate Christmas pictures being an only child because I look ridiculous with my yorkshire terrier...alone....on the front steps of my house.) But this Christmas picture is the one I hate the most. Due to the fact my mom didn't have the heart to tell me my rainbow striped turtleneck under my red and green dress looked heinous, my god awful fashion taste is immortalized in homes of family and friends. 

This is my point though. Should we take to heart more what strangers tell us about ourselves, or what those who love us say?

Thanks to my mom, I think I just might have to side the strangers. 

Saturday, April 17, 2010

White lies turned black.

These are my top five white lies (one being the most acceptable to five being the least):

1)Yes, I love my present!
2)Your pixie hair cut does not look awful! (hey, what can they do about it now?)
3)I love the painting you just finished after 6 years. (arts different to everyone)
4)I cannot speak now so I'll forever hold my peace. 
5)No, your boyfriend wasn't flirting with anyone last night (your best friend was just flirting with him)

Luckily, I do believe I have only had to use number one and sadly number five. 

But, when does a white lie become a "not-a-white lie"? 
I will use number five as my example. "No, your boyfriend wasn't flirting with anyone last night (your best friend was just flirting with him)" IS an acceptable white lie....unless if you're the best friend. 

This switches the purpose of lying from protecting your friend, to saving your back-end.

A white lie, in my book, is when your intentions are good and selfless. Only does it transform into a lie when the purpose is for your sole protection disregarding its effect on others. 

You, Mark Sanford, you. (of course he's not the governor of my home state <--lie)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"People's" pushing the truth.

I have a guilty pleasure. A weekly, guilty pleasure. Its name is...People magazine. I love seeing pictures of celebrities walking out of grocery stores, walking their dogs, strolling their children, you name it. People would be sad to loose my weekly business...but they're about to. 

For some reason, People has decided to lie. As I was reading an article about Kendra from the "Girls Next Door", I ran across a statement that said something along the lines of, "Kendra, who was a size 25 (in jeans) at her heaviest, felt nothing like herself when she put on the weight."

I thought I was reading an article about a celebrity new mom, not an article about eating disorders?

As if it couldn't get worse, another issue featured "brides that were going to shape up before their wedding day". The cover picture of this was certainly an overweight woman who looked like she needed to loose weight simply for her health. When I turn to the article itself and see the number by her that is her supposed weight, I couldn't believe my eyes. Apparently, at 5'6" she is 158 lbs. 

People. Really? I know plenty of girls around that weight and height and they look nothing alike. Truly.

Maybe the eating disorders aren't stemming from models in advertisements. Maybe they're stemming from an extremely popular magazine that makes girls think size 25 jeans and weighing 158 lbs is obese. 

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Pursuit of Happiness

I always wonder when I come upon a stranger that is just plain rude...why? 

The other day I slowed and stopped for a man walking his dog in Highland park to cross the street, and he basically "shew'ed" me along as if I was holding him up. 
Again, as I was sliding through a completely impractical classroom of mine, my backpack knocked two pens off a girl's desk behind me. As I picked them up and returned them to her with a "sorry" and a smile...I was met with a curt "yeh, thanks" with no eye contact. 

I know we all have rough days and although we don't mean to, we might give a bad impression. However, I know many people who consistently are rude to strangers, friends, even waiters. (My exception is my Gradndfather, who is the sweetest man on earth, but because of age, will complain about every. last. thing. to a waiter or waitress. And I quote "May I get you a beverage, sir?" "Well damn, I just sat down how could I know what I want.")

I just wonder, if there would be any shift on the earth if all people were kind-natured. No unemployment? No wars? Not to sound like a communist but, hey, we're all just trying to get by.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Playing dress-up

I think back to my 3rd birthday party. Being the only child, my mother had been working on this event since I was two (as in since my birthday party ended the year before). My friends and I were dressed up as our parents. There were little girls with lengthy pearls and oversized high heels. Boys kept stepping on their floor length ties. Why though, do we not dress the same for our entire lives? 

When did it begin that our clothing evolved as we grew older? 

I saw three freshmen girls the other day wearing the hair-bows I wore as a toddler and, I must admit, I laughed out loud. But why does this not look strange on children? Is it because as children, if we look ridiculous, it's acceptable because we don't have a complete concept of self? 

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Rain or Shine?

Why sun. And Why rain. 
Sometimes my most beautiful, exciting days have been in the rain. My most inspired. 
Sometimes my worst days have been in the sun. Hot, sweaty, frustrated walking to class. Getting parking tickets. 
When did the day begin when it was decided to put a happy face on a sun and a sad face on the rain in pre-school? Was that the beginning. Preschool? 
What if we embraced rainy days as the most blissful and the sunny days were the dreaded on the forecast. 
My hair sure would look a lot better. 

Thursday, March 4, 2010

if at first you don't succeed; try, try again

I have lived on this earth for almost twenty years now. If I had to give one piece of advice to anyone and everyone it would be "if at first you don't succeed; try, try again". The greatest things in my life have happened to me because I have risked and risked most times after a failure. 
I was the most shy girl in the 7th grade, close to what I call depressed, but I thought I might have a sense of humor. In the 8th grade...I started making jokes to my classmates and I made so many more friends and never looked back.
I tried out for the choir in 9th grade...I didn't make it. I tried again the next year. I had the lead roles for the rest of high school. 
The success is so much greater of a feeling when the risk is highest. 
WARNING: I tried out for swim team, varsity softball and tennis again after I hadn't made it the first time and uh...still didn't quite make it. After a while though, learn how to take a hint.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Lets just say...I attract the crazies. The middle aged women who sit on planes whispering to themselves and asking you every five seconds if you smelled burning rubber (true story), the 20 year old guy who is only in a wheelchair to be able to tell girls "they have a nice ass" in a target and get away with it (recent true story) and those who go on and on you to you at all the wrong times about how they believe in positive energy and palm reading. Well Miss Cleo...maybe you're right.
I sit here thinking about Karma. True or false?
I hate to take the spirituality out of the idea because that's one of the things I think makes karma such a beautiful idea...but logically, karma works too.
When a stranger does a random act of kindness for you...doesn't your mood spike? When a stranger compliments your shoes...aren't you looking for the next person to give an honest compliment to? Rather when someone gives you a nasty look, an unnecessary criticism or takes their anger out on you...doesn't it make you a little more sour. 
So in conclusion, as the world spins and the humans interact...their attitudes and behaviors do indeed bring something back to them they gave a long time ago. 

p.s. this idea is what inspired the theme of this blog (Sendak's "The Giving Tree" and Michelangelo's "Creation of Adam")

No means whoa.

I had a finite math teacher in high school. I ran into a certain situation a few times that truly perplexed me. Not to be crude, but no matter what situation (never during a quiz or test) if I asked to use the restroom...I would get a no. Now, to me, this is the equivalent of refusing someone to blink, to sneeze, I may even go as far to include breathing. 
These are all inevitable things a human must do on a day to day basis.
Hey, Mr. Neal. Please don't eat today.  

Do parents lie about more than Santa?

Since I've been through high school and almost two years of college...I wonder, how much do we really know about our parents?
The number of times a few friends and I have sat around on a "morning after" trading stories and the phrase "well never telling the kids about that one" is countless. So wait...did my parents do that too?
It brings me back to a few clues that I can recall but have tried to block out of my memory: a)my dad's high school yearbook comments b)one "suggestive" letter from dad jr. to mom jr. c) and last but not least....myself.
I know times were different but will they be so much more "risque" in the future when I have children?...God, I hope not.
Think back to a time where you saw an ad and almost jumped out of your chair to go buy the product. Now remember a few ads like that.
Is there a common theme?
To answer my own question...oh yeh. 


Whether its to calm you down, turn you on, pump you up, wake you up, up the volume or put you to most certainly brings about emotion.

How powerful is that to be able to include in your advertisement?

I was 16. I was sitting in my chair in my living room. I believe it was a Saturday. I was watching TV but the show had switched to commercials. To pass time I was most likely texting. And then instantly I almost got whiplash my head swung back in the TVs direction. The cause? The music to this ad:

The music grabbed my body, picked me up, threw me into a party...with the phone in hand. My hair...looked
great. My and improved. The boys....staring. The sheer attitude of the music sold me. So whats the
only thing I asked for at Christmas...the Voyager.

The Good Ole Days

Tonight, I have decided...I want to worship many Gods...not just one. 

How incredible would it be to make a sacrifice (of a vegetable-the ancient Romans sacrificed both vegetables and animals...don't worry) to the Goddess of Grades for the A you got on your paper. Hey, maybe she would make it happen next time too if it was a particularly juicy tomato. 

How fulfilling would it be to pray to Venus about the boy that sits next to you in political science 3304. To worship at her temple for him to "please ask me on a date...not for a pencil again"

The God of War, known as Mars in classical times, to bring your beloved soldier home from the war. 

I may sound ignorant and sacrilegious(which I'm not I promise)...but maybe mankind would feel a little more satisfied with polytheism....and maybe God will listen a little more if he had some help...

If I ruled the world...

My Ten Commandments:
10) You shall not murder the good spirits of my afternoon with a middle finger at a 4-way stop
9) You shall give a honest compliment to thy neighbor once a day
8) You shall not try to become famous off of American Idol
7) You shall not steal from you waiter and not give him a honorable tip
6) You shall not covet they best friends significant other
5) You shall not go to the gym without deodorant and run next to me on the treadmill
4) You shall not discuss things loudly in the library even if the other party happens to be at the other end of your cellular telephone
3) You shall honor your mother and father 
2) You shall always have a shoulder for your friend to lean on
1) You shall covet yourself.

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Naked Truth

Where does the idea of privacy come from?
I would like to know the day that caused Adam and Eve to wear the leaf, the development of bathroom stalls, the invention of underwear...and I would like to erase it. 
Yes, I said it...I would like to reverse the idea that humans feel the need to buy $200 jeans, $18 thongs and $40 dollar bras. I would like to run through the mall...naked. (although malls might not exist without clothes). I want to literally...roll out of bed and go to class. I want to never worry about tan lines. I want to get beads every day. Basically...I've decided life would be a whole lot more adventurous, easy, cheap, free and simple...if we all were ok with just being baring our souls.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

the price is wrong

As a whole...humans are smart, right? We may make mistakes plenty of times...but overall, we have lots of common sense.
Why...the we keep paying for movie tickets, movie concessions, wine at restaurants, hotel movies, mini bars, room service...I mean, you name's overpriced. 
Strikes go on all the time...but we just want to sit on our ass, get drunk and get our food delivered as close to our mouths as we can get. Now I am in no way saying I don't do any of these things because actually movies, getting tipsy at dinner with friends and hotel room service are right up there with my raindrops and roses. But as a human race...LET US STRIKE. 
Will this ever happen because there are so many of my indulgent clones out there? Probably not, but how can the entire society ignore the rip offs of American culture?  God help the USA.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

pick your path

Alright...if there is such a thing as predestination...there's nothing I can do about it now. However, if it all up to me...then my work lies ahead of me. 

So if you did get to choose BEFORE you were born, if you really had a say in if you were going to have a say or not...what would it be?

Personally, I'm going to have to settle with predestination. Not only do I constantly find myself mentally saying "everything happens for a reason" but I find myself consistently messing up. To know it has nothing to do with me...well, I'll take it. But does that mean I can never truly learn from my mistakes?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

the way things were

The most alive I have ever felt was standing in the middle of an ancient villa in the ruins of Pompeii. It almost brought me to tears. I felt like I was more connected to the world as I had ever and would ever be. Why?
It was the idea that people...2,000 years ago...had actually seen what I was seeing and stood where I was standing. What I would give to have that feeling with me every second of the day. 
How incredible would it be to live in a house whose walls had seen children grow up just as you were, families starting just as yours would be and new lives coming in and out. How magical to go to a school where knowledge had flowed in and out for centuries. How inspiring. 
It is now a rarity to be able to visit the house your grandmother grew up in or even to see the drug store your mother ordered "soda" at in her cat-eye glasses. But much more connected, meaningful and beautiful the world would be...if we kept things the way they were.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

When is the last time you REALLY learned from a mistake?

"If a mistake is not a stepping stone, it is a mistake." —Eli Siegel

I can recall exactly the last time I messed up promised myself that it would NEVER happen again.  
Back in South Carolina, if you are communicating with someone about babysitting their children you call their home and speak to them directly. Well in Highland Park, the moms text. No phone calls...all texts. 
Recently, I have been babysitting for the Johnsons*. The genetically gifted Mrs. Johnson* was texting me one afternoon about babysitting that week. That night happened to be a Thursday(every college kid's ultimate night of the week). Also, my friend Jane* was texting me to discuss our plans that evening. My friend Jane got a text message saying "Yes mam! I'll be there tomorrow night"...Mrs. Johnson got Jane's text message. Jane's text message was not appropriate. 
Hopefully Mrs. Johnson has no friends or else my career in Highland Park babysitting is over. 
Ever since the incident, I have double-checked the recipient of each text message to guarantee this could never happen again. 
May sound like a cliche but I promise...if you think about it, we really do learn from our mistakes.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Age of Road Rage

Here's my story:
I'm driving down airline on this past Monday afternoon. Murphy's Law was most certainly in effect on my life that day. The ATM shredded my debit card, I felt severely unintelligent after my morning Italian exam, I had a ticket for parking more than 6 inches off of the curb (really Highland Park, really?) I could go on for days listing things that did not go my way. 
As I was stopped in an afternoon traffic line for about a minute drowning in my sorrows and staring at the red light ahead with my chin on the steering wheel, here's what followed....
I happen to glance over to my right and the red face of a middle aged soccer mom is glaring at me waving her hands as if she was stuck on a damn island and calling to a incoming ship. She got out of the passenger seat of a red Volvo station wagon and her pre-teen looking daughter is in the driver's seat laughing. She proceeded to approach my window (that I kept shut) while vehemently waving her hands as I'm sure calling me something along the lines of a teenage idiot. Apparently I had been blocking Athens street while I was stuck in the traffic line (for a MINUTE, at the most) and she was going to let me know in the most enthusiastically rude way possible. Right then and there...I cried. Yes, sobbed. It was the flaming cherry on the top of my sundae from HELL.
Here's my question, my idea...
Why do people feel the right to outwardly express their anger in regard to cars and driving? It seems that telemarketers and innocent drivers get the most unfair expression of anger out there. The difference is that the face of the person angry at the telemarketer is hidden behind a phone and the "road-ragist" is only shielded by glass. She couldn't have honestly thought that I was blocking her in purposefully so what was the point of the tantrum? If positive energy is really as beneficial as I believe it to be I would love to see the a day in the life of a world where horns, middle fingers and mouthed curse words weren't allowed to exist. So ladies and gentlemen, please keep all of your pointless anger inside the vehicle. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Is love in or out?

About this time last year, my mother told me, and I quote "you bring in the stray dogs". Unfortunately she was not referring to my love for helpless animals, she was referring to my choice of boyfriends up to that point. I had been through the shy guy, the new guy, the boy two years my junior, the theatre buff, and most recently the athlete with the secret crying problem. In each relationship, most very short and very "high school", neither my friends, his friends, my family or his family was "all for it". Luckily only one got the disapproval from all categories. But what about me, you ask? Was I happy with him? 
Oh yeah. Each new relationship, starting with the "shy guy" in the eighth grade over AIM, was the most exciting thing I had done to the point. That is until everyone started asking me "why him?" or telling me they just "didn't see it". So I am sad to say that each one of these personal romantic comedies all came to a halt. But in each one I can't help asking myself, how would I have felt without everyone else's input? 
I know for a fact, without the strong opinions of my friends, my last failed relationship would probably still be going strong. However, when a friend tells you he looks like an "overgrown manchild", the chemistry is hard to find later in the day. 
My honest opinion is that if the two people in the relationship were the only ones allowed to comment or makes judgements about it, the world would be a much happier place. Think of the greatest love story you can....

Whether its Romeo and Juliet, The Notebook, Save the Last Dance or Drive Me Crazy (please no), all the couples ignored family, friends or society and went for it anyway.

If I think back, of course my cougar phase with the younger guy would have ended if it was solely up to me, the intensity of the thespian would have gotten old and the AIM conversation would have run dry, but what about the last one? Sure he cried two or three times, but did I really care, or did they?

Saturday, February 6, 2010

when life gives you people...

"and in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make" -the beatles

Life is what you make it. I couldn't agree more. 
I don't understand the cold people in the world. Those who frown when you smiled at them from the back of your mom's station wagon. Those who can't be polite to a stranger. 
For me, the greatest joy in life is making a sincere connection with another. Whether its smiling at someone you don't know just because you see her every Tuesday on the way to class. Laughing with your Grandfather over a joke he finally told you. Holding hands with your best friend at his mother's funeral. Sharing a kiss and bumping teeth because you're both smiling so much. name it and as long as its 2 or more humans being kind, loving, caring, humorous, sympathetic, understanding with one another...its the sweetest connection a person can find.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Cry, Baby

Let me have it men....let me see those tears. 
When your receive a failing grade on a paper...may you weep. 
When your football team loses...follow up with waterworks.
When your powerpoint presentation will not start in front of your client...start to sob.

When Halo 4 makes its debut...kneel to the ground, let the tears roll from your face and hit the floor. 
When your girlfriend dumps you...blast the song th
at she first grinded on your jeans while at the club and lean on the shoulder of your steering wheel with the flood gates open.

I ask you this, because I am tired of feeling like a patient of the psych ward when my awful day causes me to shed a tear. I am exhausted from feeling like a foolish 5 year old girl having a tantrum when you won't give me even the little attention I deserve. And don't you dare call me crazy for crying when I hear about your adventurous Thursday night. But enough of thinking cold is cool, boys. Because if we gave you a dose of your own ice-cold might be a little more prone to sobbing yourself. 

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Four Questions

Since I was a little girl my grandfather told me about the four decisions that change your life. 
1) Where you go to college
2) What you study
3) Who you marry 
4) Where you live
Each time I would hug him, thank him but I never really heard him...until now. 

Your life is like an fill in the blanks and those choices are how it turns out as a whole. 

Hi, my name is Genni Choate. I go to college in (Dallas, TX) at (Southern Methodist University). I am currently studying (advertising) and planning to go into (the creative side of business). I am married to (?). We live in (?)

It is crucial you make smart decisions because each affects another. Since I went to school at SMU, I am able to major in advertising in TAI. Since I am studying in TAI, I will hopefully go into a good position in the advertising business...who will I meet there...?

Monday, February 1, 2010

The 80's prom dress of the 21st century.

Good lord. May I just say that even though I was not alive in the 80's...I don't think I could have ever....EVER, been caught dead with a super perm or in taffeta. But somehow, everyone followed the trend. Everyone was satisfied and even quite thrilled with their poodle-like hair, their barbie blue eyeshadow...the shoulder pads, and last but certainly not least, the awful music (excluding MJ). 
So if the tradition continues...there is going to be a top-ten worst ideas/trends/songs/and styles from our generation and I better go ahead and give a heads up so my children don't think I was completely insane or a cave-woman.

Wall of Shame: 
10) "Tik-Tok" by Ke$ha (the soundtrack to most Molly Ringwald movies)
9) Paris Hilton (Tori Spelling)
8) bermuda shorts (shoulder pads)
7) the obama "fist-bump" 
6) obama 
5) "omg" ("groovy")
4) sequins
3) Furbys (just plain frightening)
2) the plan-b pill (birth defects here we come)
1) The soulja boy "crank that" dance (the running man)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

what a wonderful world

Studying 18th century art history has brought a whole new annoyance into my life. Since when was being pale and plump no longer as attractive as a dark tan and thin legs. In history it was "taboo" to sport a bronze glow because it was a mark of a field worker who was always in the sun. Also, it was completely normal to be a little soft in the stomach. Oh my pale, pasta loving self would have been looking so fine in the 1700's.
 Why would society choose this? Come on, how much more simple can it get. No tanning beds, spray tans, treadmills, stairmasters, lotions that make you look diseased, sweating in the sun, fasting before spring break. What a wonderful world. 

Monday, January 25, 2010

What are you made of?

30% adventure. 20% singer/songwriter. 15% curiosity. 10% flirtation. 8% heart. 7% humor. 5% insecure. 5% confident.

How do we define ourselves? 
I always wonder if the person I think I am is also how others think of me. I think this is one of the biggest life questions the world wants answered. Am I a good singer? Do you really think I'm funny or do you just laugh because it's awkward not to? Do you see me as a leader? Do you really think my butt  looks good in these jeans...or did I catch you looking when you were really thinking "good lord honey lay off the pizza"?  
As an only child I think I have somewhat of a fascination with this subject due to the fact the only people I have been compared to are my parents. I have to say, even though people usually cringe if people tell them "You look just like your mom!"...I get a feeling of satisfaction...I think "there, there is one part of my identity". 
Can we reach a point where we know exactly who we are? Does this come from maturity? Does it come with self-confidence? Does it come with criticism and experience? Or do we take our last breath still not knowing just who we are? 

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Freak vs. Famous

Today, I would like to bring up one of the most hidden and biggest ironies in American culture...the pathetic reputation of a high school "theatre freak" and the fabulous life of a celebrity. 
Before I start let me tell you...I was in every single play that came around each semester in high school, that is besides A Christmas Carol. (My family of three watches it every Christmas Eve without fail...enough caroling for me). When I mentioned this to my soon-to-be SMU Freshman room mate in the summer of 2008 I thought nothing of it. However, she certainly did. When it came to the end of our insane Freshman year together I thought it would be so fun to play the "So what was your first impression of me" game. Nope. Not so much. She proceeded to explain to me that she was terrified I'd have Broadway blaring instead of Britney and posters of Kristin Chenoweth in the place of pictures of wild high school moments. 
While the faces of the Hollywood celebrities are being brought into plastic surgeons, their clothes are worshipped and they have weekly magazines dedicated to their trips to the grocery stores and lunch dates, the novice high school actors are being shoved into lockers and having drinks thrown in their face. I will admit I have never seen this happen, but according to the very movies themselves, its what the pimply, sex driven versions of their stars faced in their early years. 
Being realistic I know the talent and appearance requirements are quite different for high school tryouts and Hollywood casting, but since the stars are so charitable wouldn't you think they'd help the struggling stereotype of the high school drama geek? If only the cheerleaders realized their chance of fame...